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Cobra engine Rebuilding

There comes a point when your engine just needs a refresh.   You can only do top ends and clutches for so long.   Eventually, the internal bearings, crankshaft, and the cylinder will wear out.  This is when it is time to send your engine to me!   Your engine will be completely disassembled, cleaned, and inspected.   All bearings, seals, and gaskets will be replaced with new.   The cylinder will be precision honed to the next piston size, if it can, otherwise it will be sent to be re-plated.   Crankshaft will be replaced with new, and checked for true and balance.  Finally, new CFD, clutch drum, and shoes/stacks will be fitted.    Once the engine is tested, it will be sent back via Fedex along with a quart of Cobra Milk.   Venom engines and Classic engines all get the same treatment.   Call us at 609-616-3655 to discuss options.

"Built" Engines and "Mod" Engines

It takes a special kind of person to get the most out of your engine, and tens of thousands of dollars worth of machine tools, dyno, and R&D.   Quite simply, that's not us.   We only do what we know we can do well.   For these needs, we have partnered with Tyson Teneyck, who is the Cobra factory engine builder and tuner.    He is the one that we trust with our engines.   His engines have won just about every National and regional title there is, including Loretta's.    While he won't tell exactly what he does, we know that he hand-fits every part, makes sure that manufacturing tolerances are eliminated, and that the engine is exactly what was planned on the blueprints.    Tyson's engines have been torn down on many occasions,  (mostly because people can't believe how fast they are) and have never been found to be illegal in any way.   If you are not concerned with being AMA legal, he can build a mod engine where the sky is the limit!   50cc 60cc and beyond!
Working through Fun Factrory, we can choose the right engine package for you.  

Suspension Services

A properly tuned suspension can make the difference between a happy and fast rider, or a tired rider that has to fight the bike.  It is as important to tune the suspension to each rider's weight, ability, and style.   Periodic maintenance performed by Fun Factory should include fluid changes, new seals, new bushings and glide rings, and other bumpers and parts.  These services are performed in-house by our staff.    

Many riders want more, and for them we have teamed up with PR/2.   They will custom valve your new or existing suspension components, and ensure that it is correct for your rider.   Fun Factory has negotiated sponsorship rates, and can pass the cost along to you.   We can handle the removal of your parts, the shipping, and the re-installation so all you have to do is show up and ride!

Tuning and Jetting

It's no fun when your bike blubbers, bogs, and stutters.   We have seen just about everything that can happen, and know how to fix it.   If you find your Cobra just isn't performing, give us a call!   While the best solution would to see it in person, we can also help over the phone, or on video.   Just call before you start throwing tools across the garage, you will be much happier!