Expert Technical Support

Need tech support for your Cobra?  Look no further than Fun Factory Racing.   Call anytime 609-616-3655.  Yes, I mean anytime.   We know that you don't just work on your bike between 9 and 5 on weekdays.   There are plenty of facebook and youtube mechanics out there, but do they have the experience, or the factory training?  You can trust Fun Factory to get your bike running right!  We certify every year with the factory, and have the real-world trackside experience.  We have seen a lot of different problems, and their solutions.   

2017 Technical Service Bulletins
TSB0117 – 2016 CX50 FWE Cylinders
TSB0217 – Carburetor Bowl Kit for CX50
TSB0317 – Carburetor Cover for CX50
TSB0417 – Head Insert for 2016.5 CX50 FWE
TSB0517 – Transmission and Clutch Oil for CX50
TSB0617 – Cylinder Head Nut Torque on Venom 50 Engines
TSB0717 – Crank Bearings for 2017 CX65 Engines
TSB0817 – Clutch Cap for CX65
TSB1017 – Rear Brake Master Cylinder 2016 CX65
TSB1117 – Tool for Draining the Oil from CX65
TSB1217 – Bearing Retainers in 50 Engines
TSB1317 – Brake Fluid for the Rear Brake 2017 CX65
TSB1417 – Rear Pedal Service Intervals on 2017  CX65
TSB1517 – Piston for CX65 with 44.5mm Bore
TSB2017 – P3 Shock Absorber
TSB1717 – Chain Sliders for 2017 50’s and 2016 FWE
TSB1817 – Clutch Bolts for CX50 Clutch Stacks
TSB1917 – JR and P3 Radiator
TSB2017 – CX65 Bottom Radiator Mount Improvement
TSB2117 – Optimized Clutch Washer Stacks for each CX50’s
TSB2317 – Carburetor Slides for 50’s

2016 Technical Service Bulletins
TSB0116 – 2016 King Radiator on older Models
TSB0216 – 50cc Clutch Baskets
TSB0316 – Intake Boot for CX65
TSB0416 – Silencer to Pipe Sleeves
TSB0516 – Sprocket Shims
TSB0616 – Swingarm Pivot Bolts for All Bikes
TSB0716 – Clutch Nut Belleville on CX50’s
TSB0816 – CX50 FWE Jetting
TSB0916 – CX50 FWE Water Pump Pulleys
TSB1016 – CX65 Kick Ramp/Ramp Gear – 2014 & older 
TSB1116 – Head Insert for CX65
TSB1216 – Air filter for CX50 JR
CSB0116 – Mod Kit for FWE Engine
TSB1416 – CX65 CDI Unit
TSB1616 – CX50 FWE Intake Spacer
TSB1716 – Transmission Components for CX65