No kid ever left on the sideline

There is nothing worse than having to tell your child that he can not race with his friends.   Fun Factory will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn't ever happen.   We have been known to meet dads in the middle of the night for parts, take calls at 1am, or stay up all night at the track to rebuild a motor.   It is our pleasure to see a happy kid on his motorcycle!   We have all the parts your Cobra will ever need, and some that you don't.   In the unlikely event something is not readily on-hand, we will be happy to drop ship right from the factory (no extra charge) to make sure you get it when you need it.  

That personal touch

We take great pride in creating a very positive experience, and treat everyone with the same level of service whether you are a Loretta's champion, or a beginning rider.    We get to know you and welcome you into the Cobra family.   Riders will hang out in our pits, cool off (or warm up) while we make sure your bike is ready for the next moto.   There is always something happening!   Dads and moto-moms can always stop by for some help, and we will be happy to show you how to perform maintenance like top-ends and clutches.    

We know every kid's name and number, and we are always cheering them on.   The nice thing about dirt bikers, is that every kid has 30 dads, and every dad has 30 kids.

Expert technical support

The staff of Fun Factory regularly visit the Cobra factory to certify, and learn about the newest products and latest techniques.    We also  work at National events alongside the factory team.   We are recognized as a Podium Level dealer, awarded for excellence, training, and support.  This is an honor we are proud of. 


Our roots are based off-road.   You can see myself and my family at ECEA harescrambles, Junior Enduro, GNCC, and other trail and terrain events.    We know off-road better than anyone, and can certainly tune your cobra to survive and WIN!   


The real fun is at the motocross track.   Flying through the air, railing berms, hitting the tabletops, and getting the holeshot!   We support many local tracks in the District 6, District 34, MAMA, MDRA, AX, and others.  
We know how to get the most out of your bike so you can claim your spot on the podium.

And everything else!

We have Cobras that Ice Race, Flat Track, Hill Climb, Drag Race, and road race.   If you can think of a way to race your Cobra, we can surely help!