When the first Cobras were unleashed, people did not know what to expect.   But they quickly learned - those little bikes were FAST.  

Every year there are improvements, and 2022 is no exception.   All 50cc bikes are equipped with the Venom series engine, with significant improvements in design, power and reliability.  The broad torque curve gives the engine that low-end grunt, and the high end over-rev.  The newly designed cylinder is a revolutionary tri-port design with boost, that outpowers all the competition.  

All engines come with a specially tuned 5th generation, 3-shoe clutch.  This is a proven design that hits just as hard at the end of the day as it did on the first lap.   The freewheeling design has no drag and requires no routine adjustment.   The Cobra Frictional Drive system, also known as the "CFD" or the "Slipper", protects the engine from sudden jolts and shocks by "breaking" instead of breaking something inside the engine.  

In 2021 the Senior bikes (12" wheel) received a completely updated chassis with all new styling, ergonomics and geometry.  2022 saw continued improvements with a reinforced frame, and improved engine mounting to reduce vibration and increase strength.

Cobra suspension is the best in its class.   32mm forks (37mm on the 65) feature compression and rebound damping adjustments, as well as an adjustable bottoming control.  Optional heavy or light weight springs are available and can be installed when the bike is built.  The rear suspension is a true progressive design with both high and low speed compression adjustments as well as rebound.  These features give a supple ride over small bumps with progressive control over large bumps and ruts.